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Picture of 1960 - 1965 Ford Falcon  – Rear Triangulated 4-Link Suspension – Plain Package
Part number: 527-5106-00

1960 - 1965 Ford Falcon – Rear Triangulated 4-Link Suspension – Plain Package

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TCI’s Triangulated 4-Link Rear Suspension allows a lower stance for better handling and greater axle control. Engineered with strength and rigidity to handle today’s higher horsepower engines. The installation mostly requires drilling and bolting in components except for welding the 4 tabs on top of your axle housing for the upper link bars. The optional anti- sway bar will require brackets to be welded onto the axle housing as well. The kit is available for 8” and 9” axle housings (9” housings require weld on axle brackets). Please specify at the time of ordering. Complete 9” axle housings are available fully welded and ready to be bolted in.
Show Package Shown –
Powder Coating is Not Included For Display Only.

Included Products:

• 1” Upper Link Bars with Stainless Adjusters
• Triangulated Bolt-in Cradle Bracket
• All American Coil-Over shocks
• Powder Coated Springs
• Upper Coil-Over Crossmember  
• Frame Rail Channel Brackets
• Greasable Urethane Bushings
• Floor Reinforcing Plates
• Bolt-on Axle Brackets (Available for 8” & 9” Rear Ends )
• New U-Bolts
• Hardware Kit

Features & Benefits:
• The Best Proven Bolt-on Performance You Can Buy!!
• American made product
• Limited Lifetime warranty on all TCI Engineering manufactured parts
• Easy Installation
• Lowered stance and center of gravity
• True bolt-in with no cutting into the floor required
All heli-arc welded for the highest quality and strength
• Unequal length adjustable 4-link bars eliminate wheel hop
• Greater rear axle control and dramatically improves handling
• Additional room in the fender for wider tires
• Drastically reduces the bind that occurs with a parallel 4-link
• Energy Suspension Polyurethane bushings help insulate road noise

Product Options and Upgrades:
Please Contact Us For Details: 1-800-984-6259
New - RideTech -
Single Adjustable Shocks
New - RideTech -
Triple Adjustable Shocks
• Show package *
• Rear anti-sway bar *
• Shockwave airbags *
• Chrome Springs *

Product Tech Information:
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Product Tech Information
Title – Product Tech Information
* Note: 9 inch requires weld-on brackets
* Note: TCI Engineering Products do not come painted or powder coated
* Note: Product images shown are for display-Only 
* Note: All TCI Products - Are Engineered With US STEEL
* Note: Life Time Warranty on All TCI Engineering Manufactured Parts

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